a hitchhiker's guide to train your dragon

They call me the Hitchhiker, but I prefer Dongwoo. It makes me feel normal. June 16, age 20. I don't loan people clothes, but I do like making friends. Just don't mind the backpack.
Home is Room 46.
Class Schedule:
(1) Practical Math
(2) Mechanical Engineering
(3) Target Practice
(4) Weapon Mastery
(5) Mutant History

so… I know i’m really slow at RP, and I currently have two going on right now. But i still want to do another one. Three is a magical number. (or in my case, social suicide.)

So! I has a propositions. :3 And if you’re (rping) a guy, you might like this. I’ve seen a lot of childhood friend RPs and introductions here. But what about a childhood bully?

Summary: Between the time that his wings grew out and the time that he first transformed into a full-fledged dragonoid, Dongwoo had gone back to school. Unfortunately, the kids at school picked on the ten-(soon to be eleven) year old boy with the thick glasses and the large black backpack that he never took off his back. Dongwoo remembered one kid especially- the one that teased him everyday for being a “freak”- and was the first one to give him his nickname of “Hitchhiker.” 

Ten years later, Dongwoo runs into the same kid at the Institute, and childhood memories coming racing back to him…

Notes: It’s gonna wind up in a tough little spar, other rper has to be willing to lose/tie/checkmate. Dongwoo isn’t going to seriously hurt you! ^^ And I think if you’re a member of the Brotherhood, you’re just going to scar Dongwoo for life, and I’m not putting up with that.

Also, I really want to rp with a guy. Girls are fine for this too, but I haven’t rped with a guy yet. As much as I love rping with the girls, Dongwoo needs to surround himself with some bros.

message me if you want to go for it! I’m a little slow, but this might be worth it. check out my links on the side of the blog if you need more info, or just ask me. ready, set, go! ^^

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